Anamika Jain Amber is the Renowned Indian Hindi Poetess. She Performed Poetry in a very early age on Red Fort as well as in many T.V Reality Shows.

Anamika Jain Amber has given Oportunity to more than 400 Young Poet and Poetess in Many T.V Shows,Kavi Sammelans and Mushairas. She is the First Child Poetess of India on stage. 

Basically she is from Lalitpur (UP) Bundelkhand.

Anamika Jain Amber is an Energetic Full of Conscious Poetess. All poetry colours can be seen in her poems. She hosted more than Five hundred Poetry Shows and Performing more than 10,000 Live Poetry Shows and Still She is Performing.

Anamika Jain Amber Rich in versatility.  Anamika Jain Amber, a new poet who has equal rights in every aspect of Hindi poetry, is becoming the first choice of Hindi speaking people all over the world.  Whether it is a Kavi Sammelan or a Mushaira, her demand remains the same.  Perhaps this is the reason why the stage, whether literary or political, has become the choice of everyone.  She also saw very difficult times in the journey of this success, but she crossed all those difficulties and reached the pinnacle of success.  As an anchor in Zee News' famous poetic show Kavi Yuddha, she recognized about 350 poets and poets. Even in the time of pandemic, her poems continued to serve as public awareness through social media.  She took proactive steps for the treatment of patients.  Her big fan team was her assistant in this work.  Anamika is an inspiration for the new generation of writers.

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