A lot of social media activists, influencers, and artists have been breaking several social stigmas over the last couple of decades now. Joining the bandwagon is actor and influencer Om Baraiya who has been making a staunch mark on the internet with such public awareness videos.

Recently, the actor took to his Instagram to openly talk and discuss about "Periods". He released a poem in three parts and titled it " Ye laal rang hai har stri ki nishani". The video urges to normalize periods and treat it as simply as a woman's blood that is the same as the other days of the month. Menstruation is a natural and biological phenomenon and thus he requested people to stop raising brows when it comes to "that time of the month." To justify the title further, the actor himself was seen painted with all red color over his body. This color in this video was used as a metaphor for menstrual blood.

In the video series, the actor was also seen drawing a clear attention to the hypocrisies surrounding menstruation and simultaneously crushing these myths and stigmas with rationality. He further divulged on comparing the piousness that is often related with a woman's blood, how often they are mistreated by the family due to this and subjected to several forms of abuse. He concluded the video by requesting people to introspect and change these typical thoughts.

Within minutes of its release, the video garnered a lot of appreciation from netizens. The audience loved how efficiently he was speaking about such an important issue at such a mild age. Earlier also, he has been talking regarding many such social issues and spreading motivation and good thoughts. Thus, people often believe that Om Baraiya is one of those human beings who are quite ahead of his time and can be the torchbearers of a positive change in the society!

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