There is no shortage of videos of people dancing or singing inside trains and metros. Some do it for fun while others aim towards getting internet fame and attention. One such incident has surfaced on social media, where a man can be seen dancing to RRR's popular track 'Naatu Naatu' inside the Delhi metro. The people around him are amazed at his confidence and are smiling with him. 

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The video was posted on Instagram by an account named laughwithsachin. In the video several passengers inside the metro can be seen confused and amused by the performance, while some started recording it others just smiled and laughed. 



The video has over 1 million likes and 11K comments from users all across the internet. One user wrote, "I have seen a lot of nakedness while dancing in metro, but I saw some good dance for the first time, you won the heart."

Another user wrote, "Its been so years travelling in metro but never saw this fun live."

While many people praised the man for dancing his heart out and entertaining passengers around him, several were also calling him a nuisance and expressed their displeasure with the video. One user wrote, "Please don't promote such culture otherwise you will see everyone doing this in the metro causing inconvenience to others."

Another person wrote, "Delhi police are preparing to make a dance video with you outside the station," making fun of the man. 

Many users in the comments expressed feeling second-hand embarrassment from the video. 

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