There is no shortage of videos of people trying to go viral; however, sometimes some creators take it too far and end up embarrassing themselves on the internet. One such incident has surfaced on the internet, where a woman is dancing to Deepika Padukone's song in the Kolkata airport. 

The video was posted on Instagram by the influencer, the caption read, "Girte girte bach geyi"



The post has several comments across the internet expressing their displeasure with the video. One user wrote, "After the dance, how do handle the people who stare at you? Its sooo embarrassing."

The internet couldn't help but feel the second-hand embarrassment of watching the influencer dance inside the airport. Another user wrote, "We need some strict rules in place to stop this insanity otherwise they’ll not stop."

One person admired the creator and wrote, "You doing great. Public stunts aren't everybody's cup of tea. But maintaining dignity and decorum in certain places is essential. By upholding standards, we not only show respect for ourselves but also create an environment where others treat us with respect"

The comment section of the post is full of comments asking for stricter rules and regulations to prevent incidents like this. Several creators and influencers these days are trying to go viral and reach a large audience by dancing in public areas to get as many eyes on them as possible. 

A person wrote, "instagram should ban such reels..but unfortuanately it promotes all incorrect and indecent stuff."

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