Bengaluru: The internet plays funny tricks and a living example is what happened to popular food delivery app, Zomato. The app was appreciated for its response that food had no religion when a customer expressed anger that Zomato had not changed the rider upon his request. 

The customer claimed he couldn’t accept food that was being delivered to him by a “non-Hindu rider”. Soon after his tweet, Zomato replied saying that food has no religion, as it is a religion by itself. 

The response was well received and even Zomato India founder had tweeted on the same lines.

But soon after, Twitter was filled with people slamming Zomato for its double standards saying that the food app ensured that a Muslim customer’s order was replaced after it turned out that the meat served was not “Halal” in its restaurant listings.

Several people trended #Halal while slamming the food app and even posted video clippings of them while uninstalling it. 

On the other hand, the Twitter user, who had complained of wanting a “Hindu-rider” was slammed as well. This time for his crass remarks on Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen on Twitter. 
Twitterati soon found out that the man had replied to a picture of Taslima Nasreen making cheap comments about her. Check out the tweets here.