Bengaluru: Zaira Wasim quitting the world of movies as she felt faith is more important than films is now history. She was also criticised for her role in the movie Dangal. Though comments have been pouring in favour of and against her decision, she is certainly not the first celebrity to be going through turbulence in relation to her career.

Here is a list of celebrities who have been at the receiving end for their choices.

1.      Nusrat Jahan, TMC MP

The 29-year-old is a Lok Sabha MP who has married a Hindu and doesn’t mind wearing a sindoor. For this move, she was trolled on Twitter. Some even questioned her move to wear a sindoor. But she stayed confident right throughout the crisis, answering her critics in her own way.  

2.      Sania Mirza, tennis player

Sania Mirza is a sportswoman who has made a name for herself in the world of sports. Though she doesn’t play anymore, during her heyday, fanatics targeted her for wearing shorts, which is a part of the uniform.

3.      Suhana Syed, singer

A young singer from Karnataka, Suhana, took part in a singing reality show and sang Hindu bhajans. The songs, which were on Hindu deities like Rama and Krishna, also touched upon the universality of religions. Irked by the fact that she was singing bhajans, a warning was also issued to her.

4.      Taslima Nasreen, author  

A rebellious and fearless critic, Taslima has often questioned the ills in Islam and the dominance of clerics. Agitated and annoyed at her bold writings, she was even banned from her home country Bangladesh.

5.      Hina Khan, actor

Hina Khan, a TV actress, proudly sang Vande Mataram. She also visited a famous Ganapati temple in Mumbai in 2017. Though she was proud to have sung the national song, she was also at the receiving end as fanatics went to the extent of saying she was not “Muslim” for her rendition.

Apart from these individuals, a band, Pragaash, headed by Noma Nazir, and her two friends, was issued a fatwa in Kashmir as they were allegedly not in consonance with the Sharia law.