Bengaluru: Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath has given a befitting reply to Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi’s jibe that Yogi seeks revenge, wearing saffron. 
He said, “I am wearing saffron to serve people. It is a symbol of sacrifice.” 

Earlier, Priyanka Gandhi had said, "He is wearing the dress (vastra) of a Yogi. He is wearing saffron clothes. This bhagwa (saffron) is not yours, it belongs to ''dhaarmik'' (religious), ''aadhyaatmik'' (spiritual) tradition of Hindustan. It is a symbol of the Hindu religion. Uss dharma ko dhaaran kariye (imbibe that religion). In that religion, there is no place for anger, violence and revenge. This is all I have to say." 

A memorandum in this regard said, “It also said in the last two weeks, people in Uttar Pradesh have been "shot at, beaten, arrested, detained, received notices for the confiscation of their properties and been wrongfully charged with extremely serious offences simply for exercising their democratic right to protest".

There has been massive violence in Uttar Pradesh over the Citizenship Amendment Act. In the name of protests, violence and vandalism have taken place, thereby causing humongous losses, even deaths. 

The Congress has maintained that the UP police have used force to quell the riots, but the BJP, on the other hand, has maintained that the police took pertinent measures not to allow the situation to go out of hand. 

The chief minister has also asked his officers to attach the properties of those rioters who have resorted to vandalism. 

The CAA intends to grant citizenship to those minorities (non-Muslim) from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh who have come to India before December 31, 2014. 

The Act gives an opportunity for the minorities to integrate with India socially and emotionally, but the opposition keeps crying over the matter, saying it is discriminatory. 

Keeping this in mind, PM Modi has started a social media campaign to reach out to people on the issue and educate them about the provisions.