Bengaluru: After erecting posters, naming and shaming violators during the anti-CAA protests and asking them to pay up for the damages, UP CM Yogi Adityanath has thrown another bomb at wilful violators. This time, he has asked authorities to seize the properties of Moradabad attackers and violent lockdown violators if they fail to pay for the damages done to government property during attack on health personnel and cops. 

He had instructed violators that if there are damages caused by lockdown or during the testing for Covid-19, they have to be recovered. And in the event of the perpetrators failing to do so, their property has to be seized. 

It might be recalled that a team of 17 health personnel were attacked while they were trying to implement Covid-19 protocols. As they were severely hurt, Yogi Adityanath had ordered that they be booked under National Security Act among others. 

Reports that the violators refused to undergo tests in spite of being warned that they could be spreaders. Despite the warning, the violators added that if spreading happens, let it happen. 

The area in which they live is declared a Covid hotspot after one of its residents Sartaj tested positive and died. 

Shockingly, the mob after refusing to be tested, attacked the police and their vehicles as well. 

It also took a doctor hostage. 

As coronavirus spreads its tentacles, lakhs continue to be affected by it while thousands are losing their lives. 

Presently, India has extended its lockdown till May 3. The second extension means that the entire country would have spent 40 long days maintaining social distancing. 

But even during the lockdown, there will be no embargo on essential services like hospital and medicine.