BS Yeddyurappa has been sworn in as the chief minister of Karnataka at the Raj Bhavan in Bengaluru today and celebrations have already begun outside his residence. The newly sworn in chief minister is to face the floor test on Monday (July 26). The Karnataka BJP now has 105 members and is short of seven members to achieve the magic number which is 112. HD Kumaraswamy-led government had 99 MLAs when the coalition collapsed.

Despite the challenges with respect to the fate of the rebels that rests with the Speaker, Yeddyurappa decided to approach the Governor this morning to stake claim to form the government.

Knowing how religious he is, Yeddyurappa started his day by visiting the Anjaneya temple near his residence.

Today, being Kargil Vijay Diwas, he also visited the war memorial to pay tribute to martyrs.

An interesting thing to note is his name in the letter to the Governor. It is no longer YEDDYURAPPA. It is now YEDIYURAPPA.

Way back in 2007, an astrologer advised him to change the spelling from ‘Yediyurappa’ to ‘Yeddyurappa’. The reasons was that a double ‘d’ would erase any negativity present with the single ‘d’. But ironically, the double ‘d’ didn’t help the veteran much. So again, based on another astrologer’s advice he has relapsed into his older name.

Now when he is sworn in as the CM for the fourth time, we'll have to wait and see if the 'I' in ‘Yediyurappa’ will bring him good luck.

But the challenges remain... the Speaker has disqualified 3 of the rebel MLAs already. The BJP may have to accommodate the rebels who aided them in defeating the Congress-JD(S) govt led by Kumaraswamy, while not hurting the seniors in the party. And Yeddyurappa will have to prove his majority soon.

While there were reports that the BJP high command was hesitant in letting the party form the government without all the measures in place, the new CM took to Twitter to say that Amit Shah has indeed given Yediyurappa the nod.

Congress leader Siddaramaiah lashed out against the newly-sworn-in CM claiming that the BJP is forming the government without majority, terming this undemocratic.

With Karnataka watching on, and the coalition crying foul, the BJP hopes that Yeddy's rush to the seat will not be a 2018 repeat!