Bengaluru: At a time when people in North Karnataka are literally hanging on to life, all courtesy due to the disdainful downpour for the last several days, chief minister BS Yediyurappa was busy trying to form his Cabinet.

In this regard, he had been camping in Delhi, trying to discuss the formation with BJP national president Amit Shah. But Amit Shah reportedly told him to concentrate on the floods while they would take care of the Cabinet formation.

The plight of the citizens affected by floods would move anyone to tears, but Yediyurappa busy with Cabinet formation has drawn severe criticism from the Congress.

Professor KE Radhakrishna, vice-president of the Karnataka Congress said, “Even if 10% of the hurry, energy and the money used in pulling down the government is shown to treat flood victims, we would have had better days.”

The vice-president also rued the fact that the chief minister doesn’t have the freedom to choose and form his own Cabinet.

“I don’t’ know whom to blame for this. the CM of a progressive state doesn’t enjoy the freedom to form his own Cabinet and he is forced back to Karnataka. This speaks volumes about the fact that he has no authority to form his own Cabinet. He is used only as a puppet. With this arrangement, there will no good governance in the state,” he said.

Based on the instruction given by the party president, BS Yediyurappa rushed back to the state and is currently camping in Belagavi for a period of three days. With no ministers to oversee the relief work, the chief minister has taken upon himself to be there at the affected regions.

Yeddiyurappa will fly back to Delhi on August 11 to be back with Amit Shah to discuss Cabinet formation.

Yediyurappa took oath as chief minister of Karnataka on July 26.