Bengaluru: When the coalition government was toppled due to various reasons in Karnataka, many thought that the future BJP government would provide a stable government.

But moments after chief minister BS Yediyurappa formed his Cabinet on Tuesday (August 20), dissension has already begun.

Senior and prominent leaders of the BJP have openly rebelled against chief minister Yediyurappa, for not having included them in the Cabinet. Here’s a list of such unhappy leaders and their reactions.

Goolihatti Shekar (MLA from Hosadurga): “I was also an aspirant to be a minister. But I have been let down by Yediyurappa. I now regret joining the BJP. I had asked R Ashoka and Yediyurappa about becoming a minister several times. I was made a minister in 2008, but back then, I had no power. Not becoming a minister has really hurt me.”

Tippa Reddy (MLA from Chitradurga): “I am a six-time MLA and a senior. I had hoped that I would be made a minister. But it has not happened. I am in Bengaluru. I and other seniors will meet BS Yediyurappa and pour out our woes to him. The district in-charge ministers are of no use as they come only for flag hoisting and nothing else.”

MP Renukacharya (MLA from Honnali): “Frankly speaking, I hadn’t asked for a ministry. I had no expectations as well. My aim is to develop my constituency of Honnali. I have nothing else in mind.”

Virupakshappa (MLA from Channagiri): “No one has been made a minister from Davanagere region. At least one of us should have been made. We have five MLAs from the region. It is a strong belt of the BJP. We had met the chief minister in this regard. The high command (Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Amit Shah) have said yes to whatever list BS Yediyurappa gave them. So there is no use blaming them.”

Malikayya Guttedar (MLA from Afzalpur): “We did expect some representation. But it has not happened. The chief minister has taken this decision keeping in mind several reasons. I hope next time, he will include someone from this region as well.”

Appachu Ranjan (MLA from Kodagu): “I am hurt. Kodagu is synonymous with the BJP. Ninety per cent of Kodagu voted for the BJP. I have worked very hard to ensure that the BJP won in this region. Bopaiah has also not been made a speaker. We are loyalists to the BJP. They say it’s from the Centre, but everything has happened here in the state. Those who are neither MLAs nor MLCs have been made ministers. I am not happy with the Cabinet.”