Bengaluru: On this World Press Freedom Day, let’s look at how the Congress party has suffocated freedom of press on multiple occasions. 

The latest episode of Congress trying to stymie and scuttle the press freedom is how Republic TV owner Arnab Goswamy has been targeted by filing around 200 FIRs across the country in an obvious bid to silence, intimidate and threaten him. 

Our focus is on how times change, but mindsets do not change!

Such tactics of threatening their opponents is nothing new to the Congress!

Congress is the same old party that imposed Emergency in the year 1975. And during this period, civil liberties too were curbed.

It went on for a period of 21 months.  

That is not all! Congress’s highhandedness in muzzling freedom of speech and expression can’t be missed. Be it jailing actor Utpal Dutt or banning Jack Anderson’s documentary ‘Rajiv’s India’, or Kapil Sibal, the notorious lawyer introducing the draconian section 66A of the IT act, the grand old party must be penalised for its intolerance.

Thankfully, the top court in the country decreed against such heresies of the Congress and restored justice.

These are just a few that we have inventoried. And we must tell you that the Congress has also the sickle of sedition to harass and hound its antagonists.

During the Bofors scam, Indian Press did not think twice before exposing the Rajiv Gandhi government. But the Congress engineered a strike and a lockdown, notes Indian Express. 

As early as 1947, the Nehru administration choked several newspapers which were against the partition of India. 

With a huge history of such inimical nature, the Congress, however, does not hold itself back when it criticises and censures Modi government for its alleged grip on the media.