Mumbai: India ranks ninth in the Women Danger Index 2019, making it not a preferred destination for women solo travellers.

The Women Danger Index was prepared by two travel bloggers Asher and Lyric Fergusson and was published by the Daily Mail.

The bloggers took into consideration, cases of violence against women, sexual harassment. Thus, not only most solo travellers from other countries don't prefer India for solo travelling, but even Indian women prefer to travel abroad for a solo trip.

The other main factors considered by the bloggers during the survey was how safe is a country for women to walk alone at night. It also throws light on incidents of violence by an intimate partner, issues of gender inequality and general attitude towards women.

The country that tops the list is South Africa. The tag of safest country for solo travelling of women has been given to Croatia. Among the western countries, United States of America has been stated as the worst considering the homicide rates and violence by intimate partner.

A report by Thomson Reuters Foundation had found India as one of the most dangerous countries for women. It had mentioned cases of human trafficking, acid attacks, female genitile mutation, child marriage, torture to domestic workers, forced labour, forced marriage and sexual harassment.

Factors that make a country unsafe:

1. Safe to walk alone at night?

2. Intentional homicide of women

3. Non-partner sexual violence

4. Intimate partner violence

5. Legal discrimination

6. Global gender gap

7. Gender equality

8. Violence against women attitudes

The countries mentioned in the ranking are among the 50 most-visited tourist destination around the world.

Top 10 unsafe countries are:

1. South Africa

2. Brazil

3. Russia

4. Mexico

5. Iran

6. Dominican Republic

7. Egypt

8. Morocco

9. India

10. Thailand