Bengaluru: The BJP is betting its money on three sportspersons who will be fighting or wrestling on a different pitch, a political one, to change the fortunes of the saffron party in Haryana. 

They are: 

1.    Babita Phogat from Charkhi Dadri
2.    Yogeshwar Dutt from Baroda 
3.    Sandeep Singh from Pehowa

Interestingly, the BJP has not tasted success from all these three constituencies. So it hopes these three sports personalities will rewrite its electoral prospects and further hopes they will be harbingers of good news. 

Yogeshwar Dutt has sports clubs and academies across the state. He says, “I am running a wrestling academy. The enthusiasm for sports is very high among both boys and girls. My academy alone has 150 players. Similarly, we need academies for other sports like kabaddi, hockey. I left the job of a DSP in the Haryana Police and though I could have continued to serve people even as a cop, I think I can do much more for the public once I am part of a government,” as reported by The Print. 

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Babita Phogat, on the other hand is a lady known for her take on a male-dominated society with her achievements in sports. 
She says, “I want more and more girls to get into sports. That is the way to empowerment. I am the daughter of Haryana and I am requesting every elderly person, man or woman to bless me,” she said in an interview.

Sandeep Singh has a different way to get into the hearts of people. As quoted by The Print, “I am here to promise you that I will work for your children and their future. Children are our real asset and any investment in their future is far more important than bricks and buildings.”