New Delhi: The Turkish hackers who were behind the hacking of Amitabh Bachchan and other celebrities' Twitter handle believe in the ideology of going after enemies of Turkey and its allies, considering Pakistan is friendly towards their country. According to security researchers, Turkish hackers in past have also targeted Indian celebrities to spread their propaganda. 

Cyber experts claim that the intensity of the latest Twitter attack was low but Turkish hackers are capable of carrying out much more potent attacks. This week, actor Amitabh Bachchan and singer Adnan Sami's Twitter accounts were hacked and a pro-Pakistani message was posted from their accounts.

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Speaking to MyNation, a cyber-expert explained, “this attack looks like the most common Twitter attack when the hacker sends Direct Message (DM) to the account holders and as soon they click on it to open it they fall in the trap of the hacker. The responsibility of the attack on Indian celebrities was taken by - Ayyildiz Tim Turkish Cyber Army".

To show solidarity towards Pakistan, Turkish hackers who go by the name Ayyildiz Tim have made several attacks in past. 

Cyber researchers suspect Turkey based Kerem Sah Noyan who uses the handle @NoyanAyt2002 to be behind the hack. 

MyNation spoke to cybersecurity experts who said that these hacks are only part of propaganda. They target high-profile users who have a strong fan base so that their message is widely spread. Also, Indian celebrities are very famous in Turkey, a result of which the hacker after hacking megastar's account also made them follow the hacker's account.

"Turkish hackers are under high influence of Pakistanis as they consider them their allies. Although they don't have anything specific against India but time and again to spread false Pakistani agenda they keep attacking Indian celebrities," said an expert.

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He added that anyone who has tweeted against Turkey or its friends like Pakistan are more prone to such attacks. It is not certain if the hacking group has any member from Pakistan but for the past several years, Turkish hackers have attacked Indian celebrities.

Previously, the pro-Pakistani attack group made headlines for hacking the social media platforms of popular Bollywood celebrities including Shahid Kapoor, Abhishek Bachchan, Kirti Sanon, Arshad Warsi and more. The group has also hacked Air India’s site, Isreal’s defence system, Indian UN diplomat’s Twitter, and more in the past.