Bengaluru: If there is any party that has been accused of intolerance, stymieing the freedom of expression and speech, it is the BJP. 

And if there are any parties, which claim themselves to be a champion of these freedoms, it is the Congress and its coterie. 

Though the coterie claims itself to have safeguarded the freedoms, and blaming the Modi government of being fascist, it has thoroughly exposed itself yet again! 

Take for instance, what happened to senior Mumbai University (MU) faculty member Yogesh Soman. He has been sent on forced leave for having criticised former AICC chief Rahul Gandhi on his “Rahul Savarkar” comment. 

Not just that! The home minister of Maharashtra emphasised that he would be punished soon. 

Anil Deshmukh, the home minister of Maharashtra said, “Bombay University's professor (Yogesh Soman) has given an offensive statement against Rahul Gandhi. A professor's work is to teach children, not to give statements like these. He has been sent on leave for now but soon action will be taken.” 


This is indeed draconian and devilish! If freedom of speech applies to all unequivocally, how is the professor left out? Does mere criticising of Rahul Gandhi amount to such serious a crime? 

What’s worse is how the Congress even defended the action! 

Congress spokesperson Sachin Sawant said the action was aimed at "cleansing the education system".

And what makes your blood boil is how the students of Congress-affiliated National Students Union of India (NSUI) and other bodies had demanded action against Soman and also held a sit-in protest at the Kalina campus of the MU.

Reacting to this, senior BJP leader Ashish Shelar questioned whether the action against Soman was not intolerance.

"It is learnt that Congress and the left-wing students have threatened Yogesh Soman. Isn't this an act of intolerance?" the BJP leader questioned.