Bengaluru: It’s harsh winter atop the Easter Ladakh heights. It is here that the two Asian giants – India and China – have been at loggerheads with each other. 

Now, as temperatures plummet, reports add that China is making last minute efforts to make emergency procurements of high-altitude gear and clothing for its troops. 

It is precisely because they were caught unaware of India's readiness for the harsh winter. 

The southern bank of the Pangong Lake including Rechin La, Rezang La, Mukpari that were unmanned till now, have now been taken over by the Indian troops. 

This is of critical importance as peaks allow India to dominate Spangur Gap under Chinese control and also the Moldo garrison on the Chinese side. 

This has irked the PLA which has made multiple attempts to dislodge Indian troops leading to instances of warning gunshots being fired.
In order to keep their troops deployed at 16000 feet, China is hurrying to procure things. 

Reports add that intelligence sources have gathered information that Chinese had procured bulk winter clothing meant for 9,000-10,000 feet but with no disengagement taking place and the standoff continuing, China started bulk procurements to winter gear.

Though China scurries for protective winter gear, India on the other hand, has an edge over troop deployment at Siachen heights. Reports add that  India had made procurement of additional high altitude winter clothing from US keeping in mind the needs of the enhanced troop deployment in Ladakh in peak winter amid the military tussle with China.

Apart from these, India has also taken care of living accommodation that will protect the troops from the severe cold and wind chill factor includes fast erectable modular shelters.

India and China have been fighting it out, starting June 14 when Galwan clashes took place, martyring 20 Indian soldiers.