Bengaluru: West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee has a new problem. 

And that problem relates to the colour of the PPEs that the centre has fixed. 

In this regard, she said, “Do you know what was the biggest surprise? A colour has been fixed by the centre. I heard that the colour is yellow. I don’t know if yellow matches with Covid. Doctors usually wear PPE kits in white or ash colour. Or wear sky blue kits. Some kits in nursing homes are pink. But I’ve never seen yellow kits. We’ll have to see what the matter is.”

Priti Gandhi, national incharge of social media, BJP Mahila Morcha has slammed the chief minister for her comments. 

She said, "At a time when India is battling the deadly coronavirus pandemic, Mamata Banerjee is upset about the colour of the PPE kits given by the Centre to the state. She says that the state might not use it. She doesn't like yellow colour, wanted kits to be either blue or white!!"


Union minister for Health Harsh Vardhan has said that government has been taking sufficient measures to keep the spread at bay. He said, "Measures like active screening, community surveillance, capacity building of ASHA workers and upgrading the health infrastructure have helped India reduce infection rate. An aggressive screening of people who travelled from other countries and following their contact history helped the government identify patients in good time.”

As regards the comatose economy which has come as a result of the lockdown, former chief economic advisor Dr Virmani has this to say: “If this lockdown is extended to the end of April, it will go up to 5 per cent; if it is extended to the end of May, it will be 9 per cent. The cost of this extreme lockdown will be much higher from April 15 onwards.”