Ayodhya: Working president of Ram Janmabhoomi, Pratapgarh BJP MP Ram Vilas Vedanti questioned if Babur or Babri Masjid were there in Tretayug, when Lord Ram was born?

The MP, who is also a Hindu spiritual leader, was speaking on the lines of Supreme Court's daily hearings on Ayodhya issue.

Vedanti said, "Nothing else can be built in the land where Ram Lalla was born. When Lord Ram was born in Ayodhya in Tretayug, was Babur or Sunni Wakf Board present? So, there is no question of Babri Masjid being there at that time. It is clear that the temple was demolished and it was rebuilt as a Masjid."

 He also said that there is no need for a Masjid to offer namaz. It can be offered at any place, be it on an aeroplane or on the road.

"When the region where Masjid was built was excavated on the orders of the court, many symbols of temple, gods and goddesses were found. On the basis of these proofs the Allahabad court had directed that this place had a temple," he said.  

Vedanti expressed his full confidence in the lawyer representing the case on behalf of the temple and said that the verdict would be in favour of the temple.

"We are sure to build a grand temple for Lord Ram in the contentious place. There is no other way, because there are instances of shifting the mosques but never has any birthplace been shifted," he added.

Ram Janmabhoomi Nyas member Ram Vilas Vedanti, described as working president, had earlier claimed that barring fundamentalists, the Muslim community supports the idea of construction of a grand Ram temple in Ayodhya.

He also said there was "nothing in the name of (Mughal ruler) Babur" in Ayodhya and that everything in the city was "in the name of Lord Ram".

"There is not even a locality, lane or ward named after Babar in Ayodhya," he said.

"80% Muslims, barring the fundamentalists, want the temple to be constructed at the place where Ram Lalla is installed in Ayodhya," he had told the media.

"Muslims need to come forward and say that Hindus should construct their temple in Ayodhya for peace, communal amity and brotherhood," he said, adding the Sunni Waqf Board should withdraw the case.