Bengaluru: Tenacity and perseverance are indeed sine qua non for success. One might face several hardships, but the will to succeed among the challenges is what makes one stand out. 

IAS officer Vinod Kumar Suman is an example of this trait. He was born into a poor farmer’s family in Uttar Pradesh. Though his father did farming, his income was not something he would be proud of. Therefore, his father also wove carpets. 


Vinod was the eldest of five siblings. After completing his primary education, he could not contain himself looking at the difficulties his father faced. So he decided to take the plunge and help out his father in farming. 

But in spite of the pains and privations, he did not give up studying. He quit his small village and went to the city. He moved from his village to Garhwal. But as he migrated, he did not have anything to support himself. Fortunately, he took shelter in a temple with the help of the local priest. 


Apart from studying, he also took up a job in local toilet construction, after requesting the contractor. For his work, he got paid a paltry sum of Rs 25 per day. 

In this way, he was able to make ends meet. After a few months, he enrolled himself in BA classes in a university. As he pursued his classes, he also tuitions to kids in mathematics during nights. 

In the year 1992, after graduating with flying colours, upon the advice of his father, he enrolled himself in Allahabad university for his MA degree in Ancient History. 

It should also be noted that he started preparing for public administration in 1995. 


It was in the year 2008, that became an IAS officer. He has held several positions, including District Magistrate of in Almora and Nainital. 

Life is certainly not a bed of roses. Difficulties do come. But people like Suman exemplify character as they calm the storm with ease and become role model for others.