New Delhi: Delhi airport authorities asked a wheelchair-bound woman to stand up for security check, even after the woman said she can't stand due to spinal cord injury. 28-year-old Virali Modi said to the Central Industrial Force that the woman who asked her to stand even called her seniors and started saying that she was acting and "doing drama".

The incident occurred when she was travelling from Delhi to Mumbai. Virali, who suffered a spinal cord injury in 2006, has been wheelchair-bound for more than a decade.

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Virali said that she could not get the name of the CISF staff as she was standing in such a way where her name tag was not clearly visible. She was allowed to travel after  a senior staff member arrived and did a manual check. 

In the complaint Virali wrote, "Is this how the CISF is trained to handle people with disabilities? If so then it’s a shame on our government. I should be treated with respect and sensitivity. This behaviour is absurd and I request you to please look into this matter and take necessary action so this doesn’t happen to anyone with a disability.”

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Virali had reportedly faced a similar incident at the Mumbai airport where the CISF staff insisted that she stand up. When she said she couldn’t, one of the women troopers pulled her so hard that she had to be hospitalised.