Kolkata: Governor Jagdeep Dhankar held a press conference outside the West Bengal Assembly in Kolkata on Thursday (December 5) as the door was locked and his entry blocked.

The Assembly was adjourned two days ago (December 3) as the Speaker announced that the Governor had not approved the Bills that were to be presented in the Assembly. 

Reacting to locked gates, Governor Dhankar said, “Adjournment does not mean that the Bengal Assembly is closed.”

In the press conference outside the gate, he said, “Why is the gate closed? My purpose is to see the historic building, visit the library... the entire secretariat has to be open.”

However, as the gate for VVIP entry was closed, he entered through media gate.

Earlier on Wednesday, Dhankar had written to Speaker Biman Banerjee and had said that he wants to visit the facilities inside the Assembly and also spend some time at the library. The Speaker in turn had invited Governor for lunch.

The Speaker had adjourned the Assembly session and said that session will resume on Friday (December 6).

Earlier, Dhankhar had visited the Calcutta University on Wednesday and there too he expressed shock that there was no one to receive him and doors were locked.

He accused the state government of politicising educational institutions.

“On November 28, a request was made to me to attend a meeting of 102-member Senate at the Calcutta University. I thought it will be a great occasion for me to interact with the people keenly connected with the university, its staff and students.

“My office was surprised yesterday, that due to unavoidable reasons, the meeting was called off. I found it amusing and unusual. I immediately directed my office to direct the vice chancellor and the registrar to see me on an urgent basis because it was a matter of critical consequences,” said Dhankar.

Dhankar also said that he had also sent a message to the vice chancellor that he will be coming to the university at 2 pm.


 (With inputs from ANI)