Bengaluru: With West Bengal going for polls next year, the argy-bargies have certainly begun! 

TMC MLA and Education Minister Partha Chatterjee took a jibe at former Governor of Meghalaya Tathagata Roy. He said, “Bengal is a land where respect for people is paramount! Tathagata Roy has made some wild obnoxious comments and he should really consider the idea of entering Bengal politics with such a polluted mindset.”

Roy had put out a tweet earlier in the day, on how violence in West Bengal has had its toll.

“There is no state in India called ‘Bengal’. West Bengal, through its so-called ‘progressive thoughts’ has shot itself in the feet and would have been halfway today to becoming West Bangladesh. It is only the fear of the Iron Man in New Delhi that prevents it. Jai Hind.” 

It is not just Roy who has exposed the brutal mindset of the TMC. West Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankar has consistently shown how the Mamata government has mishandled several things. 

One such was how the COVID-19 cases were not dealt with correctly. 

He said, "Such uncivilised and uncouth approach in disposal of dead bodies @MamataOfficial came for severe condemnation all over. Our age old traditions were mercilessly decimated by repeated dragging of dead bodies by iron hook. Urge immediate apology to society at large.”

Dhankar on how Mamata mishandled Tablighi 

As per a popular website, as per Governor Dhankar, 19 Tablighi members had left Kolkata on a bus for Bangladesh via the Haridaspur check-post. At the border authorities noticed that they had a pending lookout notice against them and were subsequently detained.

The Governor had said that the Tablighis were being kept at a quarantine centre in Kolkata and were ordered by DCP Crime, New Delhi to appear before it in seven days. The Tablighis though instead took a bus to go to Bangladesh before being eventually stopped at the border.

The Governor had further accused the Mamata government has not been respecting the centre’s guidelines on Tablighi Jamaat. However, on its part, Mamata’s government had dismissed the claims of the Governor. If further added that all rules have been followed.