Bengaluru: Junior finance minister Anurag Thakur is in the eye of a storm for having provoked a Delhi crowd to shoot down people. 

The firing incident that took place at Jamia was also attributed to the junior finance minister. 

A slew of tweets were also put out: 


But what these people who try to pinpoint Anurag Thakur forget that Islamic zealots too had chanted such slogans earlier, but as usual, they tend to forget and forgive because it is coming from the other side. 

A YouTube video that was put out on July 1 shows how a Muslim mob went around shouting “Tabrez ke hatyaaron ko, goli maaro saalo ko” followed by Allah-hu-Akbar and RSS Murdabad. If one follows the video, one can hear chants like ‘Chadda-chaddiwalo ko, goli maaro saalo ko”. These slogans were raised in a rally where SDPI flags could be seen. This is followed by “Tabrez tere khoon se, inqalaab aayega”.

Watch the video here: 


The incident was in reference to the death of Tabrez Ansari, who was done to death by a mob in Jharkhand on charges of theft.

He was taken into police custody, but he died four days later. It led to a widespread protest with fanatic Muslims taking to streets across the country, taking a vow to take revenge for the death. 

The so-called champions of free speech and expression did not make a big issue out of it. And look at their hypocrisy. If Anurag Thakur makes a statement like this, they all come out in large groups and shout their lungs out. But if a Muslim mob goes on the rampage, they keep quiet. 

In simple words, their hate is only for Hindus and no one else. 

But any sane-thinking Indian would despise the way these people think and have outrage only in a nepotistic way.