Bengaluru: The death of IB officer Ankit Sharma in the Delhi riots speaks volumes about the hate and violence that reign supreme in a society. 

The young officer was stabbed as many as 400 times by a violent mob that had disdainfulness as its defining factor. 

His body was found in a gutter near a building that belongs to AAP leader Tahir Hussain. 

There are reports that suggest that Ankit wanted to convince the raging mobs gathered near this house as he returned from work, but the raging mob was in no mood to heed his advice and did him to death. 

As police continue to search Tahir Hussain, who is an accused in the killing of the young IB officer, BJP senior leader Subramanian Swamy has alleged that he might been killed as Sharma was collecting evidence against Hussain’s alleged links with Bangladesh’s terrorist links. 


But on his part, Tahir had said he had no role to play in the riots or the murder. 

He said, "I was the target and not the attacker. Tell me: will any rioter allow the police to enter his house if he is involved?" as reported by a popular website. 

Hundreds attended Ankit Sharma’s funeral. During his funeral procession, many sang Vande Mataram and even shouted pro-CAA slogans. 

His brother Ankur Sharma has appealed to the Prime Minister and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal to bail their family out of trouble. 

Meanwhile, several of Hussain’s neighbours have alleged that, during the riots, several congregated at the rooftop and began hurling stones at others. 

The police also found petrol bombs, acid packets on the terrace. 

The Delhi riots have seen the deaths in excess of 40 and more than a hundred injured. 

National security adviser Ajit Doval was tasked to restore peace after things went out of hand.