Bengaluru: Expressing grave concerns over the largescale conversion of Hindus into Christianity and the rampant misuse of SC reservation benefits, a letter, addressed to the National Commission for Scheduled Castes has been sent by AS Santosh, the Working President of the Legal Rights Protection Forum. 

Focusing its lens on the state of Andhra Pradesh, the letter alleges that there is no legislation to regulate or monitor the change from one religion to another. 

Additionally, it states, “In the absence of mandatory provision to register change of religion, most of the conversions from Hinduism to Christianity are not being neither noticed nor recorded (sic) in any official records. Majority of the said conversions are out of SC Hindu population in the state. The enormity of the problem can be gauged by the fact that the word ‘SC’ and ‘Christian’ are being used interchangeably and being exploited.” 

The letter also cites an example in this regard. 

The letter also draws attention to the report titled “What happened to the Christians of Andhra Pradesh?” prepared by Centre for Policy Studies, New Delhi 

The letter also points to the fact that “largescale conversions are leading to social strife, law and order issues, families being torn apart.”

Also “Converts are refusing to cremate their departed elders, refusing to attend family ceremonies. The aggressively proselytising evangelists are sowing the seeds of secessionist, separatist ideas in the minds of converts. They are shifting the loyalties of the converts from nation to extra-territorial, extra-constitutional evangelical/ Christian religious heads located abroad.”

The letter warns that such a move will not bode well for the unity and integrity of India and beseeches deputation of a Fact-Finding Committee, in order to ascertain ground realities and initiate punitive action against those who are involved.