Bengaluru: Let’s introduce a plumber. But he is no ordinary plumber. He can make cars as well! 

He is Kallu Mistry who hails from Hazaribagh, Jharkhand. During the lockdown period, when the entire nation had shut down, he used it as an opportunity to manufacture a battery-driven car for his daughter. 

When pics of his daughter went viral, people were so impressed with his ingenious creation that they began correlating it PM Modi’s Mann Ki Baat and his clarion call for “Vocal for Local”. They are also humongously impressed with his hard work and brains behind the car. 

Mistry adds that he was not in a financially good position, all owing to the lockdown. He had suffered badly. But his daughter was adamant that he get her a car. Her desire was not at all in consonance with his financial setup. That is when he decided to get a car done for her. 

Once he decided, he spent a lot of time to do his R&D. After painstakingly going through different sources, Kallu finally got into the thick of action and succeeded in manufacturing a car for his daughter. 

The car uses a 24 volt battery, 250 watt motor and LEDs. 


Just like any other car, this car can also be reversed as it has a reverse gear incorporated. 

A single seater, this battery, which when charged for 4 hours, can run for 4 to 5 hours. It is reported that the fully-grown adult can also sit in the locomotive. He had to spend around Rs 8000 as expenses. 

As reported by locals, Mistry is a talented individual who can repair fridges, fans and even four wheelers. It is added that he keeps fascinating the locals with his inventions. 

It is truly glorious of this individual, who has not studied beyond grade 3, to come up with such inventions.