Bengaluru: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday inaugurated the India Toy Fair 2021 via video conferencing.

PM Modi said the India Toy Fair is a major step in the journey towards building an AatmaNirbhar Bharat and strengthening the age-old traditions of the country.

During the event, PM Modi interacted with toymakers from various parts of the country and said, making toys is not just a business opportunity, "but a way to strengthen the centuries-old tradition of the country."

"Our relation with toys is as old as the civilisation itself. and our temples stand testimony to the rich culture of toy making in India," he also said, adding, "Our temples stand testimony to the rich culture of toy making in India."

Highlighting the salient features of 'Indian toys', the Prime Minister said that Indian toys not only entertain children but also help kids initiate into the world of scientific theories.

"We used to develop toys which helped in all-round development of a child," said the Prime Minister while interacting with the toymakers. "Toys imbibed with Indian thought helped our children get imbued in our values," he also said.

" Lattu (spinning top) teaches us gravity and balance, gullel (slingshot) teaches us potential and kinetic energy," said PM Modi.

He said that a jhunjhuna (rattle) helps a newborn feel the circular motion.

"Puzzle toys develop strategic thinking and problem-solving. Similarly, newborns begin to feel the circular movement by playing with 'jhunjhuna'," added the PM.

The Prime Minister also urged the Jaipur katputli makers to try new ways to reach and teach children like making short skits to encourage children to wash hands and wear masks, at the inauguration of the India Toy Fair 2021.