Bengaluru: At a time when actors should have come out in unison, condemning the vindictiveness of the Maharashtra chief minister Uddhav Thackeray in getting actress Kangana Ranaut’s violated portions of the office in Mumbai demolished, actor Prakash Raj has rubbed salt into her wounds. 

Taking a dig at her, he put out a tweet saying, “If one film makes Kangana think that she is ‘Rani Laxmi Bai’ then Deepika is Padmavati, Hrithik is Akbar, Shah Rukh is Ashoka, Ajay is Bhagat Singh, Aamir is Mangal Pandey and Vivek is Modi ji.”

It had a collage of Deepika, Hrithik among others. 


But tweeple were quick to correct him and expose his mediocrity. 

One of them said, “@prakashraaj will criticize @KanganaTeam as she is fighting alone n Exposing Bollywood MAFIA raj. Atleast she is not supporting like you to Tukde Tukde GANG n Stone Platter. U are selective person doesn't have Guts to speak about Women being harrased for person revenge.” 

Another user went to the extent of calling Raj “cheap”. 

“She played so many roles in her career but she identifies the most with the queen of Jhansi. That is how we see her. She is a fearless warrior like Laxmibai. BTW it's very cheap of a veteran actor like you to mock a young actress by sharing memes. Sorry, you lost many admirers!”

Prakash Raj has always been on the other side of the ideological divide. Of course, being on the other side isn’t anything that we deplore. But to add to the insults of someone who has been targeted for their views on the matter is pathetic and abominable. 

The joust between Shiva Sena and the actress started after she compared Mumbai with Pakistan Occupied Kashmir and Taliban in response to the MP asking her not to come to Mumbai and the home minister Anil Deshmukh threatening her that charges of brining disrepute to Mumbai would be pressed against her.

After coming to Mumbai on September 9, Kangana paid a visit to the demolished structure a day later and vowed to expose Uddhav Thackeray even if it were to cause her, her death.

She also declared that she would work from her ruins as he has no money to repair it owing to the lockdown.