Bengaluru: India has had a great history of rushing to the help of the needy and the necessitous. Recently, the heads of different countries – from the US to Brazil to Sri Lanka - thanked India for its help to those countries during the Covid-19 crisis. 

Now, in the latest addition to that list, India has gifted 4 tonnes of emergency medical aid to Seychelles through an Air India Flight. 
India and Seychelles share a very good bond. Seychelles is of strategic importance to India as it lies close to global lanes of shipping and commerce and is an important base in the fight against seaborne terrorism and piracy in the Indian Ocean Region. 

The relations between the two nations extend to defence, defence, culture, trade and technical cooperation. 

The ministry of external affairs of the government of India maintains that relations between India and Seychelles have been characterised by close friendship, understanding and cooperation while Seychelles has described itself as a rock of dependability for India in the Indian Ocean region, as reported by a popular website. 

Under PM Modi, India has believed in giving to the needy nations. It is very notable that India has supplied HCQ tablets to a number of nations in this hour of crisis. 

Those leaders have also profusely thanked India for its generous contributions. 

It is to be noted that India itself is under tremendous pressure due to the lockdown. Notwithstanding, India has opted to export tablets to other countries. 

India has extended its lockdown till May 3. Though India has permitted farming, agriculture and goods transferring, it has embargoed passenger travel as it facilitates spread of the coronavirus. 

PM Modi has however assured that he will have a relook on April 20 and see if things can be relaxed.