Bengaluru: In yet another endeavour to help meritorious students who are also financially weak, the Uttar Pradesh, headed by Yogi Adityanath, has started what’s called Abhyudaya scheme. 

The scheme targets such students who aspire to take up competitive exams, but fall short of finding sources to fund their preparations. 

When the scheme was publicised, more than 4 lakh students applied for the same. But another entrance exam was held to choose from these students. Using this as a filter, the government has zeroed in on 50,000 students. 

The government has also roped in IAS, IPS and PCS officers to teach these aspirants free of cost. 

It is to be noted further that the government will provide all the materials free of cost to the students. The same officers will also counsel these students and solve all their problems. 

Great stress on value system:

The Yogi Adityanath government in Uttar Pradesh is giving great stress on value system.

In this direction, it started what’s called Mission Shakti. It intends to educate boys on the need to respect women under the scheme.

It also entails programmes to make women more self-reliant, confident and getting more security.

A popular website noted that in the first phase of the campaign till October 25, the higher education department had created awareness among 5,57,883 students in 6,349 colleges through webinar, awareness programmes and competitions.

And in the second phase, the department had set up a portal in which all relevant information about programmes being run for women and girls were also put up.

Such endeavours by state governments to protect women and their interests go a long way in ensuring justice to the weaker sex.