Banda (Uttar Pradesh): A Muslim man in Uttar Pradesh gave his wife triple talaq as she allegedly celebrated the passage of Triple Talaq Bill in the Rajya Sabha.

Mufeeda Khatun reportedly celebrated the Triple Talaq Bill at home and seeing this her angry husband Shamsuddin gave her instant triple talaq. He also threw her out of the house on August 3.

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Meanwhile, Bindki Police have registered a case against Shamsuddin after a complaint by his wife. In her complaint, Mufeeda said her husband divorced her instantly pronouncing  talaq thrice in front of her parents.

The incident occurred just days after the Triple Talaq Bill was passed by both Rajya Sabha, Lok Sabha and President Ram Nath Kovind’s assent.

The new law, The Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Act, 2019 makes talaq-e-biddat or any other similar form of talaq having the effect of instantaneous and irrevocable divorce pronounced by a Muslim husband void and illegal.

It makes it illegal to pronounce talaq three times in spoken, written or through SMS or WhatsApp or any other electronic chat in one sitting.

"Any pronouncement of talaq by a Muslim husband upon his wife, by words, either spoken or written or in electronic form or in any other manner whatsoever, shall be void and illegal," the law says.

Any Muslim husband who pronounces the illegal form of talaq upon his wife shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to three years, and shall also be liable to fine, it states.

In a similar incident, Kushinagar Police in Uttar Pradesh have registered a case against an NRI for allegedly divorcing his wife over the phone. The incident occurred just three days after the Triple Talaq Bill was passed.

The case was registered after the woman's father submitted a written complaint to Kushinagar Police. A case has been registered against the NRI under Section 4 of the Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Act, 2019, at the Nebua Naurangiya Police station of Kushinagar district. The NRI is identified as Abdul Raheem. Sources say he said talaq three times to his 25-year-old wife Fatima Khatoon over phone and ended the call.