Bengaluru: Teachers have come forward to help out the kin of their colleagues who died in the line of duty in Uttar Pradesh, reports Times of India.  

2 teachers passed away in the last few months – one owing to heart attack and the other due to Covid-19. As their relatives were left wondering what to do, they got credited lakhs together in their account, thankfully.

The website adds that an association launched by five teachers a year ago was financially helping grief-stricken families. Within a year of its launch, the Teacher Self-Care Team (TSCT) now has 24,000 teachers as members.  

“I will never forget the help of TSCT,” says Sarita, one of the relatives of the deceased, quoted by the website. 

The members of the association were gathered from a group of 72,825 teachers who were appointed during Mayawati regime. 

However, it has to be noted that their appointments were struck down by Akhilesh Yadav when he became the CM of Uttar Pradesh in 2012. 

When these distraught teachers approached the Supreme Court, the top court reinstated them in 2016. 

The website also quoted co-founder of the association, Farrukh Hasan, a resident of Muzaffarnagar, as saying, “When we were fighting for appointment in SC, two teachers of our group died. To give some relief to their families we had collected a few lakh rupees after members contributed Rs100 each.” 

The association was only formed later with other members being Vivek Nand Arya and Sudesh Pandey from Allahabad, Mahendra Verma from Maharajganj and Sanjeev Rajak from Balia.

It is in this way that the association has been helping teachers in their moments of grief.