Hapur/Shrawasti: Two incidents of triple talaq have come to light in Hapur and Shrawasti districts of Uttar Pradesh, despite the Act against triple talaq being in effect.

In July, the Centre had passed Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Act, 2019 under which triple talaq was declared null and void.

In the incident in Hapur, a woman was thrown out of the house after her husband announced talaq thrice because she refused to comply to his demand of having sexual relations with his acquaintances.

The victim filed a case against her husband and his family at Simbhaoli Police Station. Her complaint states, she was married off to Zulfikar 14 years ago and ever since has been beaten up by her husband multiple times. The couple have two children. Recently, her husband brought some people home and asked her to have sex with them. When she refused, he beat her up, announced talaq thrice and threw her out of the house. The children currently live with the husband and she is not allowed to see them.

Police are investigating the case.

In Shrawasti, a woman was set ablaze after she filed a complaint against the husband for giving talaq to her by announcing it three times.

Sayeeda was married off to Nafees of Bhinga in Shrawasti. Nafees worked in Mumbai, and Sayeeda resided with her husband’s family in Bhinga. Nafees allegedly pronounced talaq over the phone.

Sayeeda went to the police station to file a complaint, but police allegedly refused to register one and told her to return with the husband.

Nafees returned home on August 15 and received a call from police the next day. The couple met with policemen who spoke to the couple and advised them to continue to live together. An angry Nafees beat up Sayeeda later upon reaching home.

She was also beaten up by his mother and sister before being set ablaze with kerosene.

The statement to police was given by Fatima, daughter of Sayeeda. She was taken to the police station by her uncle Rafique, who rushed to Nafees's house upon hearing news of his sister's death.

Based on this statement, police have filed a complaint against Nafees and his family members.