Bengaluru: In what comes as an acknowledgement of the tireless service put in by the healthcare and frontline workers, the Uttar Pradesh government has decided to increase the honorarium to them. 

What this means is that those who are rendering their service in the ongoing pandemic will get a pat on their back and continue to involve themselves more enthusiastically in their endeavour to help people. 

CM Adityanath said, "Services rendered by all workers involved in Covid-related works is an example of a sense of seva bhaav (sense of service) and duty."

Now all health workers, including doctors, paramedical staff, housekeeping staff, sanitation workers, accredited social health activists (Asha) and Aanganwadi workers will be given an additional 25 per cent of their salary or honorarium for their COVID-19 duty days.

Meanwhile, in the case of doctors and nurses, the hike will be applicable even for days they isolate after a COVID-19 duty, Swarajya reports. 

It is also to be noted that the government will also rope in the services of final year medical students, healthcare professionals and even ex-servicemen.