Ballia (Uttar Pradesh): A raped teenaged girl, studying in a high school at Ballia, Uttar Pradesh, gave birth to a still baby on the school premises on Saturday (August 24). It is alleged that she was raped by a middle-aged man seven months ago.

The school authorities informed the police after the girl gave birth. They also informed her family and she has been admitted to the hospital.

The accused has been absconding and the police is in search of him. It is said that seven months ago, when the middle-aged man had come to her house to buy milk in the morning, his preying eyes fell on her.

The girl had been complaining of pain in her stomach for four days. The teacher had asked her to take a walk in the park inside the school. But as she reached the park, the pain increased and she gave birth to a stillborn.

The school authorities who had not foreseen this were in for a shock when they found out that the student had given birth to a stillborn. Soon after that the girl became unconscious. The school called the police and admitted the student to hospital.

It was then when she regained consciousness that the student told them about being raped by a man seven months ago. The accused was coming to the girl's house to buy milk. He had threatened the student to not reveal the sexual assault to anyone.