Prayagraj: The impact of digitalisation in India is now also visible in religious events. The Ram Leela provides one such example.

The centuries-old tradition of celebrating Dussehra and staging Ram Leela has got a makeover in the new age. Ram Leela, which takes place throughout Sharadiya Navratri, is now being organised with digital images, sounds, and music. 'Katra Ram Leela Community' of Prayagraj organised the new look Ramleela.

"The difference between today's Ram Leela and those staged in the past is that while earlier the actors used to memorise the dialogues they don't need to do that now because of the new technology. Today's Ramleela also uses modern light and sound techniques. It is also more exciting as some scenes which could not be staged earlier can now be shown easily with the use of technology," Renu Raj Singh told ANI.

"Children like this Ram Leela more, and there is nothing wrong in staging Ramleela with new techniques if the motive and lesson behind these stories remain the same" she added.

The 'Katra Ram Leela Community' also takes out processions of Ravana, the King of Lanka, before Ramleela, which attempts to show his glory and grandeur.

Dussehra is celebrated across India, marking the end of the nine-day Durga Puja. In the north and northwestern states, it is celebrated by conducting pujas and plays from events of the Ramayana over the nine-day 'Navaratri', and burning effigies of Ravana, Kumbhkaran and Meghnad along with fireworks on the tenth day to mark the destruction of evil.