Bengaluru: Uttar Pradesh is all set to welcome more than twenty foreign companies as it is estimated that they would make investments worth over Rs 9000 crore. 

A popular website added as per a government spokesperson, 57 domestic and foreign companies have signed agreements for investments. Out of these companies, 28 foreign companies have signed contracts worth Rs 9357 crores with the Yogi government. 29 domestic companies have made agreements worth Rs 37,441 crore.

The website further added that a footwear manufacturing company has shifted to the state from China and is currently manufacturing in Agra after an investment of Rs 300 crore. 

The government is also amending labour laws to accommodate more companies and enjoy more investments.
The details of companies and investments, as quoted by the website are: 

Two Canada-based companies to invest Rs 1746 crores.

•    Four Germany-based companies to invest Rs 300 crore.
•    One Hong Kong-based company to invest Rs 1000 crore in the state.
•    Seven Japanese companies have signed contracts worth Rs 2000 crore with the state government.
•    Two Singapore-based companies to invest Rs 1600 crore.
•    Three UK-based companies to invest Rs 1375 crore in the state.
•    Five companies from the USA to invest Rs 309 crore in the state.
•    Four Korean companies have signed contracts worth Rs 928 crore with the state government.

It might be added that the chief minister is doing whatever he can to employ migrants who have returned to the state, owing to the pandemic.