Bengaluru: For a state like Uttar Pradesh – one of the biggest states in the country – to inoculate its people is a herculean task. 

But the government, headed by CM Yogi Adityanath, has taken upon itself the onerous task of inoculating as many as 1 crore of its people in the month of June alone. 

Labelled Mission June, the project was started today (June 1) and will cover all the 75 districts of the state. 

In this regard, the CM has himself instructed all the officials to ensure that all people are covered and urged the people to take part enthusiastically in the vaccine campaign. 

“Our goal is to give shots to 90 lakhs to 1 crore people across 75 districts of the state in the month of June. For this, 2100 booths have been set up across these districts to inoculate 18+ beneficiaries. In order to vaccinate 45 and above age category people, more than 3000 booths are being made across the state. We have a sufficient amount of vaccine vials available to meet our target,” said the Chief Minister while addressing a high-level meeting on Monday.

“Special camps have also been set up for journalists, government employees, and members of the judiciary. Similarly as amsny as 200 “guardian booths”, where parents of children below the age of 12 can get themselves vaccinated have been set up in all districts,” informed Yogi Adityanath.

Meanwhile, on a larger scale, India hopes to inoculate 1 crore people daily by mid-July. By that month, India would have more vaccines than just Covaxin and Covishield. Moderna, Pfizer and Sputnik V too would make it to the market, giving the people a bouquet of choices to choose from. 

Uttar Pradesh has also considered journalists as frontline workers, thereby making them eligible to take the jab preferentially.