Bengaluru: Haven’t you heard that truth is stranger than fiction? Indeed, it is! 

Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath held his routine Janata Darshan at the Gorakhnath temple, Uttar Pradesh. 

And as he was listening to the woes of the people, there was one person named Ram Narain Gupta who began telling the CM that the police were harassing him in relation to a house which he had purchased. 

Well, here comes the twist in the story. As he began narrating his tale, two young girls, also participants of the Janata Darshan, butted in and informed the CM that Gupta had usurped their house and trying to take its possession. 

Taken aback at the revelation, the CM summoned the district magistrate and the superintendent of police. They, in turn, promptly informed the CM that Gupta was also accused in a POCSO case. 
Vexed at this, the CM thundered at the police to arrest him and ordered that the two girls be taken to a juvenile home. 

But the sordid tale of these two kids did not end there. 

The two further narrated that their mother had an extramarital affair. And with the help of her paramour, had sold the house to Gupta. 

The kids also narrated that their mother was trying to sell them as well. 

Upon instructions from the UP CM, the police nabbed the paramour while the mother is still on the run. A search has been launched for her. 

As for the father of the two kids, it is said that he committed suicide unable to stomach the fact that his wife - also a mother of two – had resorted to an extramarital affair. 

Thanks to the intervention of Yogi Adityanath, the futures of these kids have been secured. If not for him, the lives of these girls would have remained akin to a rudderless ship.