Marketing is one of the biggest ways of spreading awareness about your commodities, product, your company, yourself, etc. to a wide range of people. It is the best way by which companies endorse goods, services, and brands. Nowadays, a new method of marketing that is digital marketing is rising dominantly over the other ways of marketing due to the access of the internet to a large population and digitalization of every single thing. 

Accessibility over a large range makes it a more beneficial and economical way to broadcast the desired thing within a short period of time. 

Such a surprise in this industry is provided by India’s Youngest Digital Entrepreneur Utkarsh Piyush. He has just astonished everyone by getting expertise in the field of digital marketing at such a young age of 18.

Beginning of his journey and Success Story:

A boy born on 9th July, 2002 in Muzaffarpur, Bihar became the youngest digital entrepreneur of India. It’s hard to believe that a person who has started his journey at the age of 15 as a freelancer and became a successful entrepreneur by the age of 18. He made his own company “'' successful. He is learning some new skills everyday just by exploring on the internet and has no mentor nor he did any course in digital marketing and also started applying his gained skills for different projects. The hard work and dedication to learn and explore more made him popular in the industry in just 3 years and he is still counting on his success. He has 500+ clients and worked on nearly 1000+ projects.

Other Achievements:

He even worked as a consultant for many B-Town celebrities and companies which shows his popularity and quality of work. He also became the writer of the book “Let’s Define the Word Entrepreneur” which is a quite a big achievement in this time. The hunger to learn, explore and achieve more is the biggest formula of his success. The optimistic behavior, peace of mind and his focus to fulfill his dream was all he needed to overcome all the obstacles and prove him out in this big world full of people blindly following others.

He shares his success mantra as “Failure is never an option to embrace your success through your unique vision and strategy.”


Age can never be the obstacle for your success and it’s very true that there is no age limit to achieve something this is proved by a young boy Utkarsh Piyush in his successful life story. 

A success is one which makes a better difference in society. It’s very impressive that at an age in which everyone is pursuing their school life and has no other aim rather than passing a class one after other and is nothing more than a herd of sheep, a young boy already started his career and even became the master in his field by his dedication.

The moral or the lesson which his life gives us is that “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them”. There is no age to start with your passion and be innovative and nothing can be hard if you have strong determination. Always remember that your first attempt might be a failure, but if you stop trying it is anyways a big failure. No path is easy, all are full of hardships, and you only succeed if you face those hardships with your rigorous hard work and strong determination.