Bengaluru: The Uttar Pradesh government has now taken a strict stand on illegal encroachments in the name of all religious structures built along the road.

The state home department has directed the district magistrates and divisional commissioners to remove all the religious places that encroach upon the roads.

The structures built on 1 January 2011 and after will be removed without delay.

Those built before this date will be translocated to a private land.

A letter has been written to all the mandalayuktas and DMs on behalf of UP additional chief secretary home Avnish Awasthi. All encroachments religious structures which are built on the road to be removed.

All mandalayuktas and DMs have been asked to submit a report by March 14 stating how many religious places have been removed after the order.

The Chief Minister has recently taken several important decisions, including the move to implement a single-step delivery system to prevent frequent scams in the ration.

Under this, the grain will be brought directly from the Food Corporation of India (FCI) warehouse to the shops and every movement of the vehicles will be monitored by the government. This decision was taken during the cabinet meeting.

According to sources, there are thousands of illegal religious structures that have come up on roadsides over the years.

These structures gradually expand and become permanent, adding to further encroachment of land.