Bengaluru: The Yogi Adityanath government in Uttar Pradesh has decided to implement the e-Kuber system of RBI. 

This system is used to disburse funds directly to the payee's bank account, in times of natural disasters like flood, drought, hailstorm, excess rain, lightning, etc.

What this system means is that it will overcome payment delays and eliminate risk of paper vouchers being lost in transit.

Under the manual procedure, after getting notified of the details of the incident, the account of loss is recorded by the lekhpal, which is then sent to the district magistrate for payment of tax approved by a series of revenue officials after which the payment is made at the treasury, Swarajya adds. 

What this also means is that it cuts delays in providing relief to the victim because of the lengthy paperwork.

There is also lack of transparency as there is no method to keep a check on how many times the same person has received the fund.

Apart from this, the victims are even deprived of the right to file for a claim directly.

This system goes a long way in ironing out all flaws in the existing system. 
It also ensures elimination of delays in transmission of funds to the actual beneficiaries.

In the first phase, all types of agricultural investment grants will be transferred online, while in the second phase, relief funds in cases of loss of life, property and livelihood because of natural disasters will also be transferred online.

The system will facilitate transfer of funds during floods, droughts among other natural disasters.