Bengaluru: Farmers from Punjab have come to the borders of Delhi to register their protests against the alleged anti-farmer laws formed by the Indian Parliament. 

In a few days, it will complete a month. 

At such a time, a kind gesture by a Union minister has won him a lot of plaudits. 

Law minister Ravi Shankar Prasad jumped to the rescue of a cauliflower farmer from Uttar Pradesh. 

Ramesh, the farmer, who belongs to Mayapuri village of the district, was forced to sell his produce at a meagre price of Rs 1 per kg. Upset over not getting the right price, the farmer destroyed several bags of cauliflower, noted ANI. 

"I was getting Rs 1/kg for cauliflower and 76 bags remained unsold. So, I decided to destroy rest of it all," Ramesh had said. 
When the Union minister was apprised of the plight, he contacted the Common Service Centre's Uttar Pradesh team and asked them to get in touch with the farmer.

Other farmers also rushed to sell their produce on the government’s digital platform. The Union minister took to Twitter to express his glee. 

"Today, a farmer Tanveer sold 400 kg cauliflower to a buyer in Delhi at the rate of Rs 10 per kg. He received the full payment and the transportation cost was borne by the buyer. Many more buyers are ready to purchase cauliflower from farmers across the country," he said. 

Incidentally, this is the second such act of altruism exhibited by the minister. In an earlier instance, he had helped a farmer in a similar way, from his home state of Bihar. 

Back to the issue of farmer laws, the laws will demolish the hegemony of the mandis as the farmers have been given the right to sell their produce in any part of the country at a profitable price. At the same time, it is very important to note that rumours that mandis will be dismantled have been repeatedly put to rest by the Union government.