Thiruvananthapuram: #IndiaOnABoat trended on Friday (September 13) after several people on the microblogging site joined hands to promote Kerala's snake boat race.

Twitterati urged people to watch AR Rahman's "Thaalam" - a short film on the snake boat race - and pushed people to come forward in support of the race.

Watch the video here:

However, it didn’t stop there as several people on Twitter also urged people from different castes, communities and religions to join hands in bringing India forward. The inspiration for the trend is the short film, "Thaalam" in which AR Rahman states that professionals do not conduct the boat race, but common people do.

Inspired by these lines, netizens took to Twitter and urged people from various cultures and religions to join hands in bringing India forward.

In the short film, AR Rahman is seen donning a different hat – the narrator – to enlighten people about the famous tradition of snake boat races in Alleppey, Kerala.

The film depicts the harsh practice that the rowers of Kerala snake boat - also called as chundan vallam - undergo during the races that take place in August.

Also, the film conveyed a message that the rowers are not professional athletes but are ordinary people. Postman, shopkeepers, schoolteachers and many others from different professions join hands to row the snake boat.