Every element of human endeavour benefits from digitization. This fascinating process would eventually culminate in the digitization of human lives. Rural areas fail to keep up with the modern methods, while urban areas prosper under the same conditions. ‘NextgenDigiHub Academy’, is one of the emerging digital marketing agencies meeting the needs of rural India. 

The mind behind ‘NextgenDigiHub Academy’, Tushar Rayate is an entrepreneur, digital and social media marketing consultant, trainer, author, and speaker. He is currently working on his biggest project ‘NextgenDigiHub Academy.’

Coming from a small town, Dhule; his life changed as he arrived in Pune,  he came up with the term ‘Digital Marketing,’ he explored it in his style. Sooner, he realised that there is something that destiny has written for him.

Following the same path, he worked with a variety of firms like Facebook, Google and high-profile PR teams, a network of agencies, and clients with various brand requirements which helped him to requisite boost and confidence. 

Tushar with his excellent knowledge in the field of Digital Marketing wanted to start his own venture. During a pandemic when the world was stuck at their home, he turned the difficult times into opportunities and started his venture, NextgenDigiHub,  with help of which he was able to train and empower individuals with the resources people needed to solve social problems. 

He has made a significant contribution to society by teaching individuals to free Digital Marketing courses and giving numerous lectures at various MBA institutes. Giving talented and hardworking people the right opportunity requires a bigger heart.  

According to Tushar Rayate, the task is to carve out a niche for digital marketing among the world's other professions. “The villages could use social media and other digital marketing techniques to reach a broader audience and our platform will prove to be a successful medium for the same.,” he believes.

The ‘NextgenDigiHub’is a forum where people can learn and master the art of digital marketing. It does more than just training the best digital marketers; it also advises and manages the branding and digital marketing aspects of businesses and brands. They have both online and offline courses in both Basic and Advanced Levels that can take a novice's knowledge from zero to one hundred per cent. 

“Regardless of whether I can or cannot arrive at the large numbers in India, they can arrive at my aptitude and information through these courses and improve their computerized marketing speciality,” shares Tushar about his motivation to keep striving.