Bengaluru: The lockdown induced by the coronavirus pandemic has been a very difficult phase of life for many.

It has resulted in job losses, lessened economic activity among others.

People have indeed found it tough to tide over the crisis.

However, at the same time, it is heartening to note that a few others have used this opportunity to rediscover themselves and start life afresh.

Ramesh Kalal used to work as a school driver in Ahmedabad.
He has a work experience of more than 35 years. But all thanks to the pandemic, classes have been shut in order to thwart the spread of the virus.

That being the case, Ramesh did not have any work. Life had become difficult for him as incomes had suffered. But he did not lose his poise.

While he did get perturbed, he decided to change his line of profession.

He says, “I would accomplish nothing by sitting at home. I had to do something. I carried the responsibility of running my family and taking care of my employees as well. Once it was clear that schools would remain shut, I took up the business of selling fruits and vegetables and other essential products,” as reported by India Today.  
Now, he supplies such products in the neigbourhood of Ahmedabad.

However, Ramesh is not sanguine of relapsing into driving business because he feels parents, who are circumspect, will not send their children back to school.

The school drivers’ association has in fact sought a financial helping hand from the government but the members remain sceptical about it.

While Ramesh’s story is one of being flexible to chug along by selling vegetable, in another such story, Ram Singh Shikhawat of Jaipur, Rajasthan, a media manager, started to rear buffaloes to start a dairy business.

Such stories inspire us, don’t they?