Bengaluru: While the coronavirus lockdown period has kept everyone confined to their houses, National Highways Authority of India has used this period as a godsend to go digital. 

It has gone fully digital with cloud-based 'Data Lake Software', which makes it first such construction sector organisation to go digital.

With advanced analytics, the 'Data Lake' software will forecast the delays, likely disputes and give advance alerts, thus expediting the decision making.

At the same time, the software will facilitate in taking correct and timely decisions as the system is likely to predict financial impacts of different alternatives based on the historical data.

"As one of the biggest reforms, the NHAI has gone 'fully digital', with the launch of unique cloud-based and artificial intelligence powered big data analytics platform - Data Lake and Project Management Software," it said.

NHAI has a lot of disputes to resolve. It could be delay in handing over of encumbrance free site, shifting of utilities, idling charges of plant, machinery, equipment, manpower and delay in decisions etc.

Now that they have a digital portal, it can keep track and check these things. It will also help things be eased out smoothly. 

“As all processes are going to be portal-based, decision-making is going to be faster and will eventually diminish chances of litigation in future,” it said.

All documents and details will be kept in a digital format and they can be retrieved as and when required. It is linked with GIS tagging and Unique Project ID, which only make it easier for retrieval. 

What’s more! From contractors to consultants and even engineers, they have begun using the service extensively. 

It is really commendable on the part of NHAI that it has developed such a portal to ensure hassle-free transactions. This should be a real example of turning adversity into opportunity.