Bengaluru: On Thursday, we reported a story on how the foreign media played out manipulated and one-sided reporting of the anti-Hindu Delhi riots. 

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As a result, India’s image globally has dented. Not just India’s, the image of Hindus in general too has taken a massive beating. 

None other than Tulsi Gabbard, the Democratic Congresswoman representing Hawaii in the US House of Representatives has vouched for this fact. 

In a tweet put out by her, she narrates and laments how she has faced Hinduphobia in her campaigns and goes on to educate us on how a Uber cabbie foulmouthed an Indian Hindu for “killing Muslims in India”. 


Sadly, these Indians travelling in the cab had to go through a lot of difficulties for being Hindus. It was only after they informed the driver that they would call the police did he relent and continue the journey. 

The Delhi riots got triggered due to the false information and lies about the enactment of the Citizenship Amendment Act, chiefly by the Congress and its coterie. The act enables getting citizenship for the persecuted non-Muslim minorities of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh who have been staying in India hitherto December 31, 2014. 

In the name of protests, there was widespread destruction. Rioters began vandalising property and attacking innocents. 

Though a section of Indian media is itself responsible for a negative propaganda against Hindus, it is the Hindus who have suffered enormously. 

A Hindu IB officer Ankit Sharma was stabbed as many as 400 times by an unruly Muslim mob and his body dumped in a gutter. 

Another Hindu police constable Ratan was also murdered by a mob. 

In fact, the western media has resorted to a shameless endeavour to besmirch the reputation of Hindus by only focussing its lens on Muslim victims. 

The Indian Union home ministry is also of the view that the riots were timed to US President Trump’s visit to India. 

Sadly, it is the tolerant and the all-accommodative Hindu that suffers due to such miscarriage of nefarious reporting.