Bengaluru: American President Donald Trump will be arriving on a two-day visit to India on February 24 and 25. 

This will be President Trump’s maiden visit to India and the Narendra Modi government is gung-ho about his visit. 

Not just the current dispensation, even the entire nation is looking forward to Trump’s visit to India as it will be a historic one. 

But, on the diametrically opposite side, there are the usual suspects who are sceptical about the visit and have already resorted to a smear campaign. 

One of them is the in-charge of AAP’s social media Aishwary Verma who put out a tweet wherein a man was seen urinating against a backdrop having pictures of PM Modi and President Trump. 

But he was exposed as it was emphatically established that the pictures were morphed. 

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There was another paper which reduced the visit to only optics and nothing beyond that. 

The paper highlighted the world’s biggest cricket stadium in Ahmedabad and the joint presser the two top leaders would address and the commonalities between Modi and Trump and how they share an aversion for the media.

There are also those who are not happy with Trump’s decision not to sign a trade deal with India this sojourn. 


But there is more hope than despair in spite of the negatives put forth. 

•    India and the US may look into mutual concerns on China’s Belt and Road Initiative and also have a word on infrastructure projects in the region through the new Blue Dot Network and the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (DFC). 

•    India and US may also discuss 5G technology and the issue of untrusted vendors like Huawei in China. 

•    The two countries will also discuss the topical issue of terrorism, with India’s cantankerous neighbours Pakistan promulgating terrorism on Indian soil incessantly. 

•    Trump is also touted to make a big announcement on India’s move to abrogate articles 35A and 370 and also, the move to pass a legislation, in terms of giving citizenship to persecuted non-Muslim minorities of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. 

America has also been very friendly with India when it comes to such phenomenal moves to protect its geography and its people. If one goes back by a year or so, the US had expressed its approval for India to assert itself when it comes to external aggression (Balakot air strikes). United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo even called it “counter-terrorism action.” 

•    Lastly, the chopper deal. The Cabinet Committee on Security has cleared a chopper deal with the United States. The CCS cleared the procurement of 24 MH-60R Seahawk multi-role helicopters worth $ 2.6 billion for the Indian Navy. The US said that the proposed sale will provide India the capability to perform anti-surface and anti-submarine warfare missions. It would also have the ability to perform secondary missions which include vertical replenishment, search and rescue and communications relay. This would be used as a deterrent to regional threats.

These are just a few points we were able to compile. And the trip does have some good news in the history of the two democracies. 

So instead of needlessly and overtly negative, let’s hope the visit bolsters the tie the two nations share and both the countries benefit all the more.